The Squeezable Story

Three brothers and an architect walk into a bar...while it may sound like the start of a bad joke, it’s actually how Squeezable Skyline was born! But before we get into the details of that lunch meeting, let’s back up a bit. Just about five years ago, longtime friends Michael Gordon, our Chief Architect, and Glenn Robertson, our Foreman of Operations, were out with some buddies having dinner on a warm summer evening. As they were talking about ideas they had for new business ventures, Michael noticed Willis Tower from his vantage point. It was at that moment he thought...why not start a company building plush skyscrapers? 

Not long after, Michael got to work researching what it would take to launch the company, and even got as far as to have some prototypes produced. Unfortunately, the timing wasn't right to go at it alone, so he put his Squeezable ambitions on the shelf, knowing he would someday revisit the idea.

Over four years had passed since Michael’s dinner with Glenn, and all that time the ideas for Squeezable Skyline kept brewing. Glenn and his brothers, Struan and Brent, met up with Michael for lunch and before long the subject turned to new business ideas. The brothers Robertson, with entrepreneurship in their blood, liked the concept, and the four friends quickly began breaking down the tasks required to get the wheels turning again. As they parted that afternoon, the blueprint for Squeezable Skyline was again underway!


So who is it that we make our Squeezables for? There are many people that will love our huggable highrises!

  • A parent traveling for business, looking for something for their son or daughter on the way home.
  • A tourist traveling to a city for a long weekend looking for a memento of their trip.
  • An urban couple looking for a decoration for their baby’s nursery.
  • A corporate event planner looking for a unique giveaway for their attendees.
  • An architecture enthusiast looking for a collectible item to showcase in their home.

They are the perfect gift for kids and adults - anyone who enjoys architecture or just a soft huggable reminder of their home or recent trip.  Collect them all to start building your Squeezable Skyline today. 


Michael Gordon Michael Gordon
Chief Architect
It all started with visions of plush skyscrapers dancing in his head and a near unhealthy obsession with graphic design standards (ask Glenn). Michael is the creative in our crew who used his background in architecture to bring our Squeezables to life.

Glenn RobertsonGlenn Robertson

Foreman of Operations
Glenn likes to get his hands dirty and make things happen, so naturally he was the man to lead operations at Squeezable Skyline. From building a six foot Willis Tower to creating the website, Glenn has proven that no project is too big or too small.

Struan RobertsonStruan Robertson

Principal of Finance
Having spent many years crunching numbers as an investment banker, Struan was the perfect candidate to lead our finance department. He's running numbers and mastering spreadsheets to ensure that your own personal skyline is within reach.

Brent RobertsonBrent Robertson

Superintendent of Sales
Getting to this point took some deal brokering so we could legally produce the Willis Tower and the Empire State Building Squeezables, and Brent was the guy to get the deals done. Are you a retailer interested in carrying our Squeezables? Talk to this guy.