Squeezable Skyline Releases Latest Plush Product - the Space Needle Squeezable August 26 2015

The Squeezable Skyline team is pleased to announce the arrival of their latest product, the Space Needle Squeezable, officially adding this iconic landmark of Seattle to their collection of plush skyscrapers. While the actual Space Needle is 605 feet tall to the tip of the lighted beacon, that's as tall as 518 of the Squeezable version, making it a little easier to take home with you! 

The Space Needle Squeezable can be a unique gift or souvenir option for those that live in or have visited the Emerald City, so be one of the first to share the Seattle Squeezable love! The products are currently available for sale through the company's website, www.squeezableskyline.com, and will also be selling in select retail stores around Seattle soon, including the Space Needle's gift shop. The team is also working hard looking for more retail partners in the Seattle area. 

The Squeezables are a simplified massing of the real buildings, paying homage not only to the iconic towers and cities they represent, but also giving people the opportunity to interact with the skyscrapers in a fun way. In developing the blueprints for the products, Michael Gordon’s intention has been to make the Squeezables for anyone who appreciates tall buildings - both children and adults alike. The four founders of Squeezable Skyline know many people love their cities and are excited to be expanding into such a great new market like Seattle.