Who you calling Shorty? The Squeezable Skyline team recently finished construction on ten new “Shorty” prototypes, all to be unveiled at the Windy City Gift Show in Rosemont, IL. The Willis Tower 22 inch “Classic” size Squeezable has been on Chicago store shelves since October 2014 and the company has worked hard designing blueprints to expand into seven new cities across the country. All Squeezables will soon be available in the new 12 inch “Shorty” size, making it even easier to build your own skyline. The Willis Tower and Empire State Squeezables are still available for purchase in the original “Classic” sizes at select retail locations as well as the company’s website.

“We love our city and know many other people feel the same way, so our new “shorty” approach will make it even easier for everyone to bring a part of their city home with them,” said Michael Gordon, Chief Architect. The new line of Squeezables are more travel friendly, easily fitting into a small tote bag or carry-on luggage until it can find its way into your own personal skyline at home. 

The Squeezables are a simplified massing of the real buildings, paying homage not only to the iconic towers and cities they represent, but also giving people the opportunity to interact with the skyscrapers in a fun way. In developing the blueprints for the products, Michael Gordon’s intention has been to make the Squeezables for anyone who appreciates tall buildings - both children and adults alike. Just as important as the design, the products have been created with quality in mind. Squeezable Skyline’s manufacturing partner is an experienced supplier to thousands of retail outlets throughout the United States and the Squeezables meet all safety and regulatory requirements. “We want the Squeezables to be cool enough to serve as a design object but also be a fun toy for children to enjoy. During testing with my one-year-old son, the Squeezables have proven they can take a beating!” said Gordon.

While the four founders of Squeezable Skyline love Chicago, they know many other people love their cities too and are excited to be expanding into seven new markets, including Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle and St. Louis. Both the Willis Tower and John Hancock Center “shorties” will be available for sale soon in stores around Chicago and on the company’s website. As for the rest, the team is working hard looking for retail partners in the new markets so that all the prototypes can move into production in the near future.