Space Needle 


We're building a collection of plush toy skyscrapers inspired by America's most iconic tall buildings.  
Collect them all to start building your own Squeezable Skyline today! 

As a kid, do you remember walking through the busy city streets in awe of the skyscrapers towering above you? So do we! You see, we grew up near the birthplace of the skyscraper in the Windy City and have been in love with tall buildings ever since we were kids.

Construction has started with plush toy designs for Willis Tower and John Hancock Center in Chicago and Empire State Building in New York City with additional buildings soon to follow. Our “Squeezables” are simplified massings of the real buildings and are designed to look great together as you build your collection.  

Buy these unique city souvenirs as a gift for the architecture lover in your life or start building a collection of your own.  Our Squeezables are kid friendly and a fun novelty for all ages from babies to adults.